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 How To Watch Satellite Tv On Your Computer Today

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How To Watch Satellite Tv On Your Computer Today Empty
PostSubject: How To Watch Satellite Tv On Your Computer Today   How To Watch Satellite Tv On Your Computer Today EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 5:37 pm

If you are like anyone else who wish to watch satellite TV on your computer today, you would be glad that you are here reading this article as I share some useful information that can get you started on your TV viewing within the next hour. How does that sound to you?

To be able to watch satellite TV on your computer has come across to many folks as an amazing discovery. Space communications has gained so much momentum that it has made it possible for you and me to watch TV on our computers without a dish at all.

Frankly, who needs a dish when there are better alternatives to watch satellite TV on your computer? Installing the satellite dish TV system is a thankless and challenging experience. The antenna, receiver box, mount, and cables all makes it quite expensive to set up a satellite dish. And not forgetting that you have to erect the satellite dish on your rooftop and pointing it to the right direction which by the way can be affected by bad weather conditions. That is not all, you still have to fit the Low-Noise Block LNB converter on the dish and get the decoder fitted properly. By now, you should know that getting the satellite dish system up and running is such a pain and laborious effort for most people, especially those who are not good with gadgets.

There are two alternatives when it comes to watching satellite TV on your computers. One is the hardware option and the other the software version.

We come to the hardware version first ?PCTV cards.

Did you know that PCTV cards can be used to receive, decode and interpret the satellite TV signals. With this card, it transforms your monitor into a TV screen powered by your CPU. The card can be installed internally onto your PC抯 motherboard. You may also want to note that there are also external PCTV cards in the market which allows you to attach them to the PC抯 USB port. In both cases, you will need an internet connection.

A broadband connection with at least 512KB transfer speeds is highly recommended for smooth and uninterrupted transmission of the TV feeds. You also get better and sharper resolution pictures with a broadband when you watch satellite TV on your computer. Though dial-up is sufficient, I would advise against using that for optimal TV viewing experience.

Be sure to check your computer configuration. Your system needs to have minimum Pentium 3 CPU and 128 MB RAM of running speed. Before you buy any card, always check the requirements of the card against your computer system.

Other computer peripherals you may need are good sound card and graphics card. You may wish to top it up with a set of top-class speakers. But all these are optional.

When it comes to watching satellite TV on your computer, other than PCTV cards, you can always download a new PC satellite TV software. The software does much more than a card in the sense that it allows your computer to receive more TV channels, as much as 3000 over channels from countries across the world. Another two advantages software has over the cards are the relative ease of installation which is pretty much click and run, and the cost of such a software seldom goes beyond $60.

So if you are considering your options to watch satellite TV on your computer, why not read up more at my satellite TV blog before you decide?

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How To Watch Satellite Tv On Your Computer Today
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