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 How To Test Memory Using Memtest86+ , The Best Free Memory Tester

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How To Test Memory Using Memtest86+ , The Best Free Memory Tester  Empty
PostSubject: How To Test Memory Using Memtest86+ , The Best Free Memory Tester    How To Test Memory Using Memtest86+ , The Best Free Memory Tester  EmptyThu Nov 10, 2011 4:14 pm

People like to test memory on their PC or Laptop for many purposes. Practically most of the normal people who likes to test their memory when their computer system starts to give them intermittent troubles like hanging, crashing and blue screen of death. It is very well known to any person who have little computer hardware knowledge that to check the installed RAM Memory Modules at first before take the system to a computer service person. Most of the time, this suspicion is right and there will be faulty memory in their system to replace. So, here are some procedures to test memory using the best memory tester and to your surprise, it is a free software memory tester. The name of this tester is Memtest86+. The instruction to download, install and run this programs is a real simple to follow.
There are are so many instructional guides available on using this Memtest86+ memory tester. Here again the usage is simplified.
>>Where to download?
HERE at http://www.memtest.org/#downiso
>>What file to download?
Downloading the Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO image. It is good to easily create a bootable CD. Download the latest memory tester version.
>>Once downloaded what to do?
Extract the ISO file from the archive (.zip) and write the ISO image on a CD
>>What program to use to write the ISO image on a CD?
The better, easy and free software is "Infra Recorder"
>>OK, the bootable CD is ready. What next?
Now it is time to test memory. You have to boot the PC or Laptop with this CD in the drive. Before that, enter the BIOS to change the CD Drive's boot order to First Priority. (Also possible to boot from floppy if the memory tester is on a bootable floppy)
Once the computer booted, we can see a blue screen with a Loading test followed by a series of periods. After that the test screen will display showing the testing progression at the right top corner. The top progress bar will show each test passes. In one test pass, Memtest86+ will execute all test patterns. It is advisable not to stop the testing progress until several test passes completes. Just leave it run for 3 to 5 Hrs and return to check for any errors on your testing passes. Memtest86+ will never stop automatically. Stopping this program is manual by pressing the "esc" button. Once the computer turned off, remove the CD from the drive and change the boot order on your bios to your HDD.
The testing of memory is concluded and most of the time this test will give you a pretty good idea that your memory is ok. In very rare cases Memtest86+ will show no errors even though the module isdefective, not because Memtest86+ can't detect the error, but because Memtest86+ can't test the area the error is located in.
If there are errors, how many errors are acceptable?
Not a single error is acceptable. Even a single error you got, there are chances for system crash. It is completely up to you to decide whether to accept this memory error or not. It depends on how critical the system is where the defective memory module is installed.
There are chances to get errors while test the memory from other factors like Video Cards, Processors, Mother Board Components like chipset, etc., Changing these factors with the same component and do the testing will give better idea to identify the error prone component.
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How To Test Memory Using Memtest86+ , The Best Free Memory Tester
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