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 The way to Repair a Fujitsu Personal computer Power Input - mobile computer power care tips simply by Ibuynow. com. au.

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PostSubject: The way to Repair a Fujitsu Personal computer Power Input - mobile computer power care tips simply by Ibuynow. com. au.   Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:52 pm

1. Switch off your Fujitsu Lifebook and get rid of the power cable. Press the latch on the side of the CD/DVD travel and slide it right out of the computer. Then close any screen, turn the unit above and slide the battery using its compartment on underneath of the computer. a couple of. Remove the two screws over the hard drive compartment cover discovered in the bottom corner with the underside of the computer. Remove the cover and slide the storage device out of its area. 3. Remove all ten screws from your underside of the pc. Then turn the laptop or computer right-side up and remove the two screws located on each corner within the back of the computer system, near the power enter jack and screen hinges. TOSHIBA PA3534U-1BRS Laptop Batteryhttp: //www. ibuynow. com. au/battery. php/toshiba+laptop-battery+3608Li-ion, 4400 mAh, 10. 8 Sixth is v <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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Value: US $ 52. 094. Open the screen and locate the plastic guard at the base of the screen. gently pull it up and far from the body of the particular computer and set the item aside. The screen wires and cables are now exposed earlier mentioned the keyboard. Unplug all connector ribbons and cables just beneath the screen from where they connection to the body of this computer. 5. Lift the keyboard up from your top and place it face-down across the trackpad. Then unplug the singular connector ribbon where it connects for the back of the laptop. Set the keyboard at bay. Laptop Battery Service just for www. ibuynow. com. au comLaptop Battery power Service for g-batteryshop. comQuality Battery power Supplier: www. ibuynow. com. au supply good quality laptop batteries, notebook battery, HP Laptop Batteries, Toshiba Notebook Batteries, Fujitsu Laptop Battery, Acer Laptop Batteries, The apple company Laptop Batteries, Dell Notebook Batteries for USA netbook users. All laptop battery pack are USA Stock, Maker Warranty. 6. Use your screwdriver to eliminate the two screws on each hinge at the base of the LCD screen. Then lift the LCD screen from your computer. 7. Remove all screws from your top panel of the particular computer. Then use your kiddy hands to pry up and remove the top panel. 8. Locate the area of green motherboard with the strength jack connected to this. Unplug this section associated with motherboard from its socket with the computer and remove this. 9. Locate the damaged strength jack and use a person's soldering iron to resolder any connectors which have been removed from the snowboard. Once you have completed this the jack should be fixed as well as reassemble your computer inside reverse order you procured it apart. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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The way to Repair a Fujitsu Personal computer Power Input - mobile computer power care tips simply by Ibuynow. com. au.
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