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 The battery lead to a crisis apple iPhone situation is not good_2

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PostSubject: The battery lead to a crisis apple iPhone situation is not good_2   Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:15 pm

perhaps the apple product's battery is one of its soft ribs, just entered Chinese not several months later, the battery question as if has had the adverse effect to apple iphone: Some people suspected which its battery quality challenge, some people suspected this trades the battery 710 Yuan permanent prices the rationalities. Two questions put together, the apple situation is not as if wonderful. First, 710 Yuan replacement batteries suffer the question. On October 9 the news, in view of battery's Chu electrical energy strength reduces, but needs to service the iPhone handset's owner, apple China may provide outside the warranty period the electric replacement payment service, the expense is 710 Yuan, time-consuming 3 working days.?? These 710 Yuan fixed prices have been exposed user community's challenge, the most users thought that was too expensive. The Donews Reporter Zhou Ran report title, apple China 搕he apple iphone replacement battery collects prices 710 Yuan? policy, including the Zhongguan Village parallel import business felt that 搕he apple is a little black? trades the block brand-new unique factory battery in Zhongguan Hamlet for parallel import iPhone to be most 400 Yuan. Parallel import business can generally to the user recommendation replacement national product iPhone battery, the price between 100 Yuan in order to 200 Yuan, although is not the original electricity, but standby time may lengthen to 2 days, quality still permissible.? Also some iPhone supports the large to propose, can afford iPhone the human should not think trades the battery to collect fees 710 Yuan high-priced. Little the partial system user message said the fact that cannot trade the battery not to use iPhone. However, this obviously in suggestion apple iphone 揳ristocrat makings? after just about all most handset batteries expense in 200-300 Yuan price tags. This kind 揾igh-ranking? can the fixed price let apple iphone the potential user shrinks back at the sight? Second, battery keep on voyage ability suffers a question. Actually, a incomplete user bigger question is definitely: The apple iPhone handset gets the quality question? In overdue September, reported according to numerous websites, iPhone 3GS since June appearing available some users has complained the battery life is normally excessively short (accessories for the purpose of iphones). Some users said that in a few circumstances, battery when the handset will probably be at the readiness to use it will exhaust the electric quantity. Also some users reported that after passing over the whole evening the bill, iPhone 3GS after transferring several short notes and also the mail on could exhaust the electric amount of money 搈ystically? Regarding the greater part report existence battery question's individual, closes the blue tooth and the like power consumption big functions not to have effect. On the apple forum and several blog's news name, the apple support company already started with for you to report on AppleCare any battery question's user keeps on the relation. The AppleCare obtain user starts the apple company iphone battery life logging operate, the synchronization records inside computer, and its transmitting for apple, in order to carry on the investigation to your reason. From: iphone components online (great iphone accessories),
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The battery lead to a crisis apple iPhone situation is not good_2
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