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 The 5 characteristics of leading Project managers

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PostSubject: The 5 characteristics of leading Project managers   Thu Sep 15, 2011 4:48 pm

5 燾haracteristics 爋f 燼 爈eading 爌roject 爉anager? br>I 爃ave 燽een 爌rivileged 爄n 爉y 爉any 爕ears 爋f 爌rofessional 燼ctivities 爐o 爉eet 爉any 爌roject 爉anagers 燽oth 爃ome 燼nd 燼broad. 營 燿iscovered 爐hat 爓e 爃ave 爏o 爉any 爏chooled 燼nd 燾ertified 爌rofessional 燽ut 爒ery 爁ew 爎eal 爈eaders. 燗ccording 爐o 燼 燬urvey 燙arried 爋ut 燽y 燢PMG 爋f? 42 tommers sk?rm 爋rganisations, 爐echnology 爄s 爊ot 爐he 爉ost 燾ritical 爁actor 爐hat 燿etermines 爌roject 爏uccess. 營nadequate 爌roject 爉anagement 爄mplementation 燾onstitutes? 2% 爋f 爌roject 爁ailures, 爈ack 爋f 燾ommunication 燾onstitutes? 0%, 燼nd 爑nfamiliarity 爓ith 爏cope 燼nd 燾omplexity 燾onstitutes? 7%. 燗ccordingly? 9% 爋f 爌roject 爁ailures 燼re 燿ue 爐o 爈ack 燼nd/or 爄mproper 爄mplementation 爋f 爌roject 爉anagement 爉ethodologies.? br>The 燼bove 爌roject 爁ailure 爄ndices 燼re 燿irectly 爋r 爄ndirectly 爐he 爌roject 爉anager抯 爏hortcoming. 燭he 爉ost 爌opular 燿efinition 爋f 爈eadership 營 燽elieve 爄s 爄nfluence. 燗s 燼 爌roject 爉anager, 爐he 燼bility 爐o 爄nspire 爐he 爀ntire 爌roject 爐eam 爐oward 燼chieving 爐he 燿esired 爂oal 燼nd 爌roject 爋bjective 爄s 爇ey 爐o 爏uccessful 爌rject 爄mplementation. 燬ome 爌roject 爉anagers 燼re 爏imply 燼dministrators, 爓hile 爏ome 燼re 爌roject 燾oordinators. 燞owever, 爐he 爂ame 爋f 燽eing 燼 爲leader? 爌roject 爉anager 爄s 爁ar 爉ore 爐han 爅ust 燼dministration 爋r 燾oordination. 營 爂ave 爌resentations 燼nd 爁acilitated 爓orkshops 爋n 爐his 爏ubject 爄n 爋ur 爊umerous 爌rofessional 爁orums. 燤any 爐imes, 燽eyond 爐he 爌resentation, 爄t 爓as 爐he 燿ebate 爓ith 爐he 爊ovice 燼nd 爐he 爀xperienced 爌roject 爉anagers 燼bout 爓hat 燼re 爐he 爉ost 爄mportant 爏kill 爏et 爐hat 燿rivesme 爐o 爁urther 爄ncrease 爉y 爏tudy 燼nd 燾oncepts 爄n 爐his 燼rea.? br>I 爉ade 爏ure 爐hat 爉y 爌oints 燼re 爊ot 爋ut 爋f 爃ead 爇nowledge 爋r 爏ome 爁orm 爋f 爌seudo 爌erception 爋f 爐he 爄deal. 營 爃ave 燾arefully 爏tudied 爀xceptional 爌roject 爉anagers 燼nd 爃ave 燿ocumented 爉y 燿iscovery 爊ot 爅ust 爁or 燾lassroom 爌urposes 燽ut 爁orlife 燼pplication.? br>All 爐he 爌oints 爉entioned 燽elow 燼re 燾rucial 爁or 爏uperlative 爌roject 爂overnance? p>1. Produce 燼ttention 爐o 燿etail? p>2. Start conversations 爐o 燽e 爑nderstood? p>3. Uncover 爐o 燽e 燼 爌ower 爊egotiator? p>4. Come to be 燼 爌ositive 爐hinker? p>5. Come to be 燼s 爁lexible 燼s 爕ou 燾an? p>? br>1. 燝ive 燼ttention 爐o 燿etails? br>Details 燼re 燾ritical 爁or 爐he 爁ollowing 爌oints? br>It 爄s 爄mportant 爊ot 爅ust 爐o 爃ave 燼 爒ision 燽ut 燼lso 爐o 爇now 爓hat 燼re 爐he 爏cope 燼nd 燼ll 爀xclusions 爋f 爐he 爒ision. 牋Don抰 爅ust 爑nderstand 爐he 爌roject抯 爋bjectives 燽ut 爃ave 燼 燿etailed 燿irection 爋n 爃ow 爐o 燼chieve 爐hose 爋bjectives? p>Project 爌lan. 燗 爓ell 燿efined 燼nd 燾learly 燾ommunicated 爌roject 爌lan 爐aking 爄nto 燾onsideration 燼ll 爇nown 爁actors 爈ike 爐ime, 燾ost, 爎isks 爀tc? p>In 爋ur 爒ery 爈ives 爐oday 燿etails 燼re 爊ot 燾ommon 爌lace. 燗n 燼verage 燦igerian 爓orking 爌rofessional 燿oes 爊ot 爎un 燼 燽udget, 爊either 燿oes 爃e 爃ave 燼 爎etirement 爌lan. 燞e 爅ust 爓akes 爑p 爀veryday 燼nd 爂oes 爐o 爓ork 爓ithout 燼 燾lear 燾ut 爉ission 爋f 爃ow 爈ong 爃e 爄ntend 爐o 爏tay 爋n 爐he 爅ob 燼nd 爏tep? just by? step 爌lan 爐o 爂et 爃im 爋ut 爓hen 爐he 爐ime 燾omes. 燭he 爏ame 燼ttitude 爄s 燾arried 爋n 爐o 爋ur 爌rojects. 燩rojects 燼re 燿ifferent 爁rom 爌rocesses. 燱e 爉ust 爃ave 爒ery 燿etailed 爌arameters 爂overning 爊ot 爅ust 爋ur 爌rojects 燽ut 燼lso 爋ur 爈ives.? br>I 爃ave 燿iscovered 爌eople 爓ill 爊aturally 爕ield 燼nd 爂ive 爉ore 爐o 燼 爒ision 爐han 燼 爊eed. 燭he 爒ision 爐herefore 爉ust 燽e 爒ery 燾lear 燼nd 爑nambiguously 燿efined. 燱hat 爄s 爐he 爑se 爋f 燼 爒ision 爐hat 爏takeholders 燾annot 爎elate 爐o 燽ecause 爄t 爄s 爊ot 爓ell 爀xplained. 燗s 燼 爉anager 爓ith 爌roject 爐eam 爐o 爂uide 燼nd 爌rovide 爈eadership 爐o, 爕ou 爉ust 燼dapt 爐he 爒ision 爐o 爀ach 爌erson 燼nd 爐heir 爎ole. 燭his 爄s 爊ecessary 爁or 爏implicity 爏ake. 燭hough 燿etails 爉ust 燽e 燼chieved 爋n 燼ll 爐hat 爃as 爐o 燿o 爓ith 爐he 爌roject 燼t 爃and, 爏implicity 爏hould 爊ot 燽e 燾ompromised.? br>? br>2. 燙ommunicate 爐o 燽e 爑nderstood? br>Now 爐hat 燼ttention 爃as 燽eing 爂iven 爐o 燿etails, 爄t 爄s 爄mportant 爐hat 爀very 爉ember 爋f 爐he 爌roject 爐eam 燼nd 爏takeholder 爑nderstands 爐he 燿etails 爋f 爐he 爐ask 燼t 爃and. 營t 爄s 爄mportant 爐hat 爓e 爄ntegrate 燼nd 燾ommunicate 爐actically 燼ll 爐he 爏uccess 爌arameters 爋f 爐he 爌roject: 爁inancial, 爌rofessional, 爐echnical, 爃uman, 爌rocess, 爀tc. 燭he 爄ntegration 燼nd 燼daptation 爀xercise 爄s 燽oth 燾omplex 燼nd 爊ecessary 燼nd 爋nly 爄ts 爋utcome 燾an 爓e 爑se 爄n 燾ommunicating 燼nd 爀xpaining 爐he 爌roject抯 爒ision 燼nd 爋bjectives 爄n 爏imple 燼nd 爑nderstandable 爓ays.? br>Furthermore, 爐he 燾ommunication 爋f 爐he 爒ision 爉ust 燽e 燼dapted 爐o 爀ach 燾ategory 爋f 爌roject 爏takeholder? all the 爐echnical 爐eam 燼nd 燼ll 爏uppliers, 爐he 爁uture 爑sers 爋f 爐he 爌roject抯 爋utcome, 爐he 爏ponsors 爀tc 燗ll 爉ay 爃ave 燿ifferent 燼nd 爊evertheless 爒ery 爅ustifiable 爀xpectations 爁rom 爐he 爌roject. 營t 爄s 爊ecessary 爐o 燿eliver 爐his 燾ommunication 爄n 燼n 爀xtremely 爌recise, 爏imple 燼nd 燾oncise 爓ay. 牋A 爐ypical 爀xample 爋f 燼 爏uccessful 爌roject 燾ommunication 爈ine 爓as 燼 燙ost 燣ogic 燬ystem 營mplementation 燩roject. 燭he 爒ision 爓as 爐hat 爐he 爌roject 爋utcome 爓as 爂oing 爐o 燼llow 爐he 爓hole 燾ompany 爐o 燿ecide 燼nd 爁orecast 爌roject 燾ost 燼nd 爏erve 燼s 燽udgetary 爂uideline 爁or 燼ll 爌rojects 燼cross 爐he 爓orld, 燼t 爀very 爃ierarchical 爈evel, 燼nd 爁or 爀ach 爋f 爐he 燿ivisions 燼nd 爌roduct 爈ines. 燭he 燾ommunication 爌er 爐ype 爋f 爏takeholder 爈ooked 爈ike 爐his:? br>For 爐he 爐echnicians, 爐he 爁act 爐hat 爓e 爓ere 爉igrating 爐owards 燼 爈eading 爏oftware 爌ackage 爄n 爐he 爄ndustry? Oracle 爀Business 爏uite 爊ot 爐o 爉ention 爄t),? p>For 爐he 爁inance 爂uys, 燼 燾entralized 燾onsolidated 爉anagement 爄nformation 爏ystem 爐hat 爀nhances 爐ransparency 爋n 燾ost 燼nalysis 燼nd 爌rovides 爂uidelines 爄 燿eciding 燽id 爌rocesses,? br>For 爐he 燿ecision? develop, 爏ystem 燾ontaining 爄ndisputable 爁igures, 燼ccess 爐o 爐he 燿ata 爒ia 爍ueries 燼nd 燼 爎eporting 爀nvironment,? br>For 爐he 爀nd? individuals, 爐raining 燾ourses, 燼 爃omogeneous, 爀rgonomic 燼nd 爁unctional 爑ser 爄nterface, 爓ith 燿etailed 爌rocesses 爋n? tier.? p>In 爋ther 爐o 爋vercome 燾ommunication 燽arriers, 爌roject 爉anagers 爉ust 爀stablish 燾lear 爈ines 爋f 燾ommunication 燼nd 爇eep 爏takeholders 燾onstantly 爄nformed 燼bout 爐he 燿evelopment 爋 爐he 爌roject. 燭he 爁ollowing 爐echniques 燾an 爃elp:? br>Keep 燼 爐horough 爇nowledge 爋f 爏takeholders' 爊eeds 牋Use 爏takeholders' 爌referred 爉ethod 爋f 爄nteraction 牋Keep 燼n 爋pen? garage door 爌olicy 牋Interpret 燼nd 燾larify 爌olicies 燼nd 爌rocedures 牋Motivate 爏taff 燼nd 爁oster 爐eamwork 牋
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The 5 characteristics of leading Project managers
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