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 Hp Pavilion - Mini 1129tu Laptop Feature

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Hp Pavilion - Mini 1129tu Laptop Feature Empty
PostSubject: Hp Pavilion - Mini 1129tu Laptop Feature   Hp Pavilion - Mini 1129tu Laptop Feature EmptyWed Nov 09, 2011 5:37 pm

HP has been into highlights for one reason or the other. The common talk of topic these days with HP fans is the launch of new HP Pavilion Mini-1129TU Laptop.

Looking at this laptop model one can easily make out that how stylishly and smartly it has been engineered. Just perfect for those who crave to work for long hours each day, this laptop has grabbed the eye of business class laptop users. Talking about its make, it is no different than the previous HP Pavilion laptops, but the improvement are definitely visible. It is instilled with Intel atom along with cache memory of 512 (kb). This is a stylish model that has a front side bus of 127 along with a processor speed of 1600 MHz.

HP Pavilion Mini-1129TU Laptop has a standard RAM that features 1 GB speed. Further the users are quite impressed by its installed capacity of 80 GB. In case you are willing to buy a laptop model that has wide screen and apt brightness, the laptop screen size of 10.10 inches which is quite apt to be used for average users. This laptop by HP has a LED Anti-glare widescreen display that keeps your eyes free from strain.

This laptop model by HP is instilled with video display card which is integrated with an Intel video card. Although the device miss out an internal modem, but the sound card has added value to this kit. Further one can see to its sound card, speakers and a microphone that are added benefits given to the users, who are music enthusiasts.

Online chats are simplified to a greater extent as it is incorporated with built-in camera, thus, online chat clarity is a vouched for benefit added to this laptop model. Further, it has 2 USB port along with a Bluetooth instilled. Further, this laptop model has got to feature lithium polymer battery that lasts for long delivering great performance. It is quite easy to be carried as it weighs 1.20 kgs. It is also incorporated with windows XP home that delivers updated performance to the users. The buyers are offered with one year warranty so as to deal with the flaws and problems occurring in the kit during usage.

HP Pavilion laptop price is also set quite affordable and can be availed at discounted rate if one makes a detailed search online.

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Hp Pavilion - Mini 1129tu Laptop Feature
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