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 The Evolution of this Hp Ipaq.

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The Evolution of this Hp Ipaq. Empty
PostSubject: The Evolution of this Hp Ipaq.   The Evolution of this Hp Ipaq. EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 2:36 pm

The HPiPAQ can be described as combination pocket personal computer system and personal digital assistant and was initially offered by Compaq in April of 2000. The name began Compaq鈥檚 earlier iPAQ desktop computers. Hewlett-Packard acquired Compaq and since then, the product has also been marketed by that organization. Its main competition will be Palm; however, it gives more multimedia capabilities. It the particular Microsoft Windows interface, however, many Linux programs will work on the iPAQ. Modular units like sleeves added such things as a card reader, wireless network, GPS, and batteries. By now, those features are inside base unit. HP鈥檚 first SmartPhone iPaq might look like a cell phone together with had VoIP (Voice More than Internet Protocol) capability.

Handheld Equipment Corporation had designed the iPAQ and identified as it Itsy, which name was searched by Compaq for their handhelds. When ever HP acquired Compaq, it discontinued specific to it line of Microsoft-Windows-powered handhelds and even shifted to marketing all the iPAQs. The h3xxx to line of iPAQs was discontinued by means of HP and replaced with the h1xxx line, which was meant to appeal to buyers who didn鈥檛 want to spend as much. What's more , added the h2xxx line for consumers plus the h5xxx line for company customers. Windows Mobile was pre-installed in your Pocket PC 2003. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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Typically the h63xx series, which runs his phone edition of Windows Mobile 2003 plus the hx47xx series and your rz17xx series, both that run the second type of Windows Mobile 2003, premiered in 2004. The iPAQ Mobile Messenger hw6500 series was announced to media from the 3GSM conference in Cannes, Spain, in February of 2005.

Typically the iPAQ rx4000 Mobile Advertising Companion, a PDA/media instrument, and rx5000 Travel Companion that will function as PDA/GPS units became available in February of 2007, both creating Windows Mobile 5 OPERATING-SYSTEM. A month later, HP premiered with their first Your windows program Mobile 6 device, typically the iPAQ 500 Series Speech Messenger (Windows Mobile 6 Normal OS). It also had a numeric pad. Truly the only iPAQs being sold currently that run the Home windows Mobile 5 OS include the hx2000 series, the rx5900 series and then the hw6900 series.

Since the introduction in the new devices in Feb . of 2007, the entire iPAQ line have been revamped. A dizzying five brand-new series have emerged to get with the iPAQ 500 Selection Voice Messenger. New types:

* 100 Series Classic Mobile

* 200 Series Enterprise Mobile

* 300 Series Travel Associate

* 600 Series Business Navigator

* 900 Show Business Messenger

The 100 and 200 Series are touchscreen PDAs and have phone capability. They are operated with the Windows Mobile 6 Typical OS. The 300 Series Travel Companion is absolutely not a PDA. Called the Navigation Device, it is often a GPS unit and operates on the Windows CE 5. 0 core OS as well as an HP custom user-interface. Typically the 600 and 900 are generally phones with GPS in addition to 3G capabilities. They manage the Windows Mobile 6 Skilled OS. The 600 series possesses a numeric pad; the 900 possesses a QWERTY keyboard. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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The Evolution of this Hp Ipaq.
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