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 Defects Remain Traditional Crt Rear Projection So The Decline

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PostSubject: Defects Remain Traditional Crt Rear Projection So The Decline   Wed Sep 14, 2011 5:37 pm

聽 Microdisplay Rear Projection Also referred to as the MD? Micro Exhibit?. It Package Include Fruit juice crystal Rear projection, DLP back projection and rear projection LCOS. Microdisplay rear projection is gradually developed lately, a new rear projection technological innovation, more traditional CRT backside projection, high brightness, high definition, low power consumption, longevity, can be very tiny, light weight, accordingly, the screen size is usually to do, so the industry is in addition beginning to microdisplay rear-projection TV Category reverted on the flat. Currently on market trends in microdisplay rear-projection light, contrast, resolution and other indicators are already maintained with the flat-panel TV manufacturer product line, the main focus regarding 1280? 720 resolution and also 1386? 788, to satisfy the demand for high-definition video tutorial display, but the lamp life Short question will not be resolved. Projection, from an important sales point, the LCD TV Popular era seems to have irrevocably become the thing in the past, and the consumers is by using thousands of hours in their expensive bulbs to be replaced aggravated from. Projection really want that to decline it? Remaining a little expectation LCD TV omnipresent in how when selling a availablility of TV manufacturers actually you should not give up the backed, they will turn their focus on microdisplay rear projection. As the microdisplay rear projection not merely allow the consumer to relish big screen low rate products, you can in addition have changed the shape in bulky rear projection, flat panel TVs to squeeze in to the ranks of rear projection is achievable. General, 40-inch and above tv screen size of TV for your large screen TV. Deputy General Manager of Sino Researching the market, flat leaves that microdisplay rear-projection TV markets inside the large size has an expense advantage, and as your size increases, more plus more obvious advantages. In paragraphs 40 to 45 inches tall, the average price involving rear-projection microdisplay Plasma TV FOR PC 88%; in paragraphs 49 to 50 inches, the common price of rear-projection microdisplay telly plasma 83%; in paragraphs 50 to 60 inches wide, rear-projection microdisplay average price is 44% of plasma TELEVISION SET; in 60 inch in addition to larger segment, the price gap involving the two is even more, the average price about microdisplay rear projection TV is 27% of the plasma. Cina Video Association, Chapter Secretary-General Zhao Handing the giant screen that microdisplay rear projection micro-display device useful for relatively cheap, comprehensive efficiency, size and thickness, lower than 7 inches, it is realistic occupation low-end market. Goods Dispute Microdisplay rear projection intended for consumers, a strange words, the market is seeing little publicity regarding it, but the company has existed the microdisplay rear projection technology started to confront. Microdisplay rear-projection technology happens to be in three ways: by Epson because the representative of the Japanese people manufacturer of LCD projection engineering full support; to the usa Texas Instruments DLP raise projection technology, as displayed; LCOS rear-projection technology, but this technology happens to be very few manufacturers help support. LCD rear projection technology lies in Sony, Epson, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sanyo Generator Six Japanese companies, half a dozen companies have formed this specific alliance, and in order in order to produce the Chinese market, and also drew the Changhong, Skyworth, Konka Many domestic manufacturers. Japanese companies are experiencing another Competition Rival Florida Instruments DLP technology in america, it is in Singapore, Amoi, Changhong, Hisense, Skyworth, SVA, TCL, and lots of other partners. Currently the 2 factions have been formed from the global standoff between that highly competitive technology. Microdisplay rear projection screen inside the large size advantage just isn't in doubt, while that large screen TV marketplace demand is increasing. According to international researching the market firm isuppli survey, the global large-screen TELLY market capacity from 740 million in 2004 to cultivate to 16. 2 thousand units in 2007, inside China, this market is likewise 150 million units in 2004 close to 2005 1. 8 thousand units. Meanwhile, isuppli data show large-screen TELEVISION SET market in China has become the world's second largest market after the usa. The face of this kind of market, competition is bound to happen, struggle is the wrestle technology market. Changhong also added LCD and DLP with all the two technology camps, " " their goal can be two-pronged approach, never shedding rear positions. Changhong industry Plan Minister Chen Guiqing proclaimed: "The domestic manufacturers can be pushing flat, it should be reported to be more consistent, but in reality, rear-projection TV is also the backbone of several sources of profitable agencies. " The TCL and Thomson together in the joint venture with the particular DLP micro-display technology, announced a top profile long-awaited "Roc approach. " The plan could be the desire by TCL on Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, six cities in almost 50% with the price cuts, starting in China for greater than 44 inches large television screen DLP rear projection TV SET market, also launched the next generation of DLP micro-display systems R & D process, pushing to expand via 80 to 120 long DLP microdisplay rear projection with the volume.
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Defects Remain Traditional Crt Rear Projection So The Decline
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