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 Laptop Keyboard Repair - Replacement

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PostSubject: Laptop Keyboard Repair - Replacement   Sun Sep 11, 2011 6:58 pm

Before you decide to consider laptop keyboard restoration, check out all your alternatives. Why spend all that money if you could do the function yourself? You need to think laptop keyboard replacement not necessarily laptop keyboard repair. You potentially could save yourself a lot of money. For example, if one happens to own a Compaq Presario, replacing the keyboard is really easy and can be achieved in just a little while. Follow these quick step-by-step instructions for this laptop keyboard repair short training.
First, gather your methods. You won’ t need many; all you’ ll need is an important screw driver and a credit card. Yes, I did say credit card, not to purchase anything but to use as a device to pry up the bezel which become familiar with about shortly.
For safety reasons, always make sure you let down your computer when you begin to poke around on the inside. Now turn it upside down and remove the two screws through the bottom of the desktop computer case. These two screws accommodate down the bezel which is the bar located correct above the “ F” secrets. Now turn the personal pc right side up once again and take your credit card and wedge it relating to the keyboard and the bezel not to mention gently pry the bezel up and from the slots. You want to use something like a credit card that is plastic and features rounded edges rather as opposed to say a metal prop driver. You might hear a little bit of popping noise as most people lift out the bezel but that is normal.
Now you can have the top edge in the keyboard exposed. Take hold of the keyboard at your exposed edge toward the screen and gently elevate it up and pull it away from the touch-pad end despite the fact that slowly flipping it finished. You will see any keyboard data ribbon. To get rid of this ribbon, you should unlock the little plastic connector that may be holding it in position. Do so by pushing down toward the system board and then pull up on the corners. The piece comes straight up, not out, and the ribbon will be released. With the ribbon now free, carefully pull the ribbon from the connector and remove it along with the entire keyboard.
Finally you will be ready to install the new keys. Take the new keyboard in your hands and place it upside down so you have single handed access to the ribbon. Don't twist the ribbon as this could damage it. Put the ribbon end to the connector and lock it in place by gently pushing down into it. It only goes in the connector one way so there isn't any confusion about that. Now flip the keyboard over so it's right side up as well as match the pegs with the slots and push it available. It is now time for it to replace the bezel with the two screws. Turn over the computer and replace both the screws you removed through the bottom. Now power on your pc and see if it all works. If the keyboard is not working, turn off the computer and make certain you properly installed the actual ribbon and try, attempt again.
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Laptop Keyboard Repair - Replacement
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